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Liberty Suppressors Announces the New Lightweight Agent 5.56 Silencer

Jan 20, 2024

From Liberty Suppressors . . .

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of our latest silencer design, the Agent, a lightweight, QD capable 5.56 silencer!

The Agent features the very best that Liberty has to offer, with top-tier materials and design. What really sets the Agent apart is its suppression tone, in conjunction with its longevity and adaptability.


Quiet: Superb suppression due to the Agent baffles insideLight: Titanium core and tube for excellent strength-to-weight ratioDurable: Inconel blast baffle for superb wear resistanceVersatile: Compatible with all popular 1.375-24 QD mounts, including the Dead Air Keymo systemAdaptable: Available pre-configured with the Keymo mount, or with a direct thread adapter, or with no mounts so the user can select anything on the marketUser-Friendly: Vented front cap to reduce back pressure and gas blowback

The Agent has an MSRP of $985.

For a limited time – Use promo code AGENT10 to get 10% off!


Type: Rifle silencer / QD silencerOverall Length: 6.3 inchesLength Added (with Keymo mount installed): 4.9 inchesDiameter: 1.5 inchesWeight: 9.5 ouncesMaterials: Titanium core and tube, 718 Inconel blast baffleFinish: Type C High Temp Cerakote finishMounting: 1.375-24 ID threads Sound reduction: 29.5 dB

Agent manual on their website says 10″ barrel length minimum FYI.

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MSRP of $985