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These Tuners Built The Sickest Ferraris

Mar 20, 2023

To some people, owning a standard Ferrari just isn't enough, they want something that truly stands out from the crowd.

Rocking up to your nearest Ferrari dealer is often likened to that important CEO job interview. New potential buyers are carefully vetted before deposits swap hands, with a list of "rules" that owners are not encouraged to adhere to, including engine modifications. Sale completed, it comes down to gearhead's own taste, sure it's nice, but some bigger wheels would look cool, and maybe a spoiler too? How about some more power. Rules are meant to be broken, right?

We love Ferraris, but we also love more wow factor, more speed, it's in our nature and tuning companies exist solely for that reason, to satisfy gearheads cravings for faster and sicker cars. The solution is simple, never mind the rules and make the sickest Ferrari you can afford.

Widebody conversions either work or they don't, a bad makeover can easily ruin a car's appeal like some home-built tune project crafted from cheap fiberglass. Novitec's N-Largo happily dispels any ideas of cheap stuck-on panels through a custom re-working of both front and rear spoilers, the result looking even better than Flavio Manzoni's original.

Ferrari's 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo is also on the receiving end of some fettling, power climbing to 818 hp and 686 ft-lb of torque. Novitec's own custom twin plug and play ECU set-up combined with an actively controlled INCONEL exhaust system and N-Largo diffuser completes the upgrades.

Stallone, or if we are really picky Stallone III, seeing as Mansory already used the actor's name on earlier, faster Ferraris, their latest Stallone 812 a reworking of the Italian GT is a visual ode to both Ferrari and carbon-fiber. Everything you see in black is made from the ultra-strong lightweight material left unpainted with the weave pattern clear for all to see.

New splitters front and rear, side skirts, and that unmissable rear spoiler all shout more performance, Mansory duly obliging making the 812 Superfast even faster. Under the hood, nothing so crude as turbocharging, instead a custom engine map, and Mansory's own custom exhaust system bumps the power output of Ferrari's 6.5-liter V12 to 830 hp.

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Walter Koenig is why the 80s, in particular, are a favorite among tuners, the crazy German-based automotive tuner responsible for turning out the unhinged Koenig Specials. The process followed a simple recipe, bolt-on pair of the biggest turbos you could find, then add some custom OTT styling updates.

Tuning Ferraris is almost a Koenig trademark, the 512 BB, like other Koenig Specials, wears a widebody kit and spoiler update that leaves no illusions this isn't a stock Ferrari. Under the rear deck, Ferrari's 4.9-liter V12 kicks out a turbocharged 653 hp, almost double its original configuration, making it faster than even the F40 with a top speed of 205 mph.

Those crazy people at Gemballa, famous for some of the fastest and sickest tuning packages we've ever seen, have gone all Italian with most of their most controversial projects to date. The Mig-U1 in a nod to military aircraft design sports a fighter jet-style pointed nose that turns out to be a styling misdirection of Ferrari's Enzo supercar.

Unlocking the Ferrari 6-liter V12, so it now produces 700 HP, a gain of a mere 50 horses isn't the idea behind the Mig-U1, Gemballa concentrating its efforts on a unique styling package guaranteed to make owners stand out from the usual Ferrari crowd.

The Ferrari 488 GTB isn't what you would call ugly or lacking, the same can be said of its 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8, with 661 hp on tap delivering a 205 mph top speed. VOS Performance however has a different view on things, giving gearheads more show and go.

Firstly the looks, subtle being the keyword here, you'd be hard pushed to identify where Ferrari left off and VOS Performance took over. Only a large attention-grabbing rear wing looks different from standard, in reality, VOS custom side-skirts, front, and rear diffusers manufactured in bare carbon fiber are new, as to are the larger 21-inch alloys. It's under the hood where things go a little crazy where a remapped ECU, larger air filter, and stainless steel exhaust boost output to 900 hp.

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Coming from famed Japanese styling studio Liberty Walk, this custom 458 Italia is anything but subtle, riding low enough to worry gearheads of any road imperfection larger than a candy wrapper, and yet those same wallet-emptying looks are just plain sick.

Getting to this level of ground scraping mayhem requires a level of self-belief in your own handy-work, or a trip to a decent body shop to install the kit. Wider everything, arches, wheels, wings you name it, Liberty Walk make it fatter and bigger topped off with a race-inspired rear wing.

In total, Ferrari produced just 400 Enzos between 2002 and 2004, several disappearing from our roads at the hands of inexperienced drivers, others re-emerging wearing a steroid-infused makeover of performance and style. We'd prefer the latter, EDO Competition's vision is surely the ultimate Enzo.

Starting with the engine, a mild bump to 6.3 liters, Ferraris V12 sporting new heads, cams, in fact, most of the internals either beefed up or replaced completely with more exotic materials produces a jump to 950 hp. Externally wearing a custom aero pack designed to keep the Enzo firmly planted, wings, ducts, and grills all serving a purpose.

Move along there is nothing to see here, German-based tuner Wheels And More taking less is more to the extremes, aside from a gorgeous set of 22-inch alloys Ferrari's SF90 remains unchanged, visually at least.

Already a contender for the fastest production Ferrari road car the SF90 tops out at 211 MPH, the power coming from a hybridized power train responsible for its hypercar claims. Under the deck is where the real magic takes place, a custom Tec-Tronic module tweaks the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged triple motor set-up, so it now delivers 1102 hp.

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At the other end of the scale, Casil motors stunning restomod Ferrari project, a custom reimagining of the iconic 308/328 sportscar of the late '70s with a hint of GTO thrown in for good measure.

Decked out in a custom carbon-kevlar wide-body kit, the 328 has all the appearances of a low-slung GT street racer thanks to a unique in-house air-ride and subframe set-up. Engine upgrades abound also, the 328's stock 3.2-liter V8 engine produces up to 400 hp, Bosch fuel injection, individual throttle bodies, and a custom exhaust all playing their part.

The original Ferrari supercar launched in the late '80s in response to Porsches 959 world-record-setting sports car, Ferrari reclaiming the world's fastest title with a top speed of 201 mph. This then is the holy grail of Ferraris, surely ripe for tuning!

Blurring the lines between reality TV and tuners, Gas Monkey Garage salvaged a damaged F40 returning to full working order with a few unique twists of their own. Engine upgrades including bigger turbochargers and a free-flowing custom exhaust raise the output of Ferrari's 2.9-liter V8 to a more potent 550 hp.

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